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STILL HERE: All shopping by appointment, flexible times and days.  We are generally here. Covid protocols in place. Same Day quotes and photos.  Customers can shop in-store, if they have been regularly together.  No more than 3 at a time right now.

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What’s the Happening in the Drumming Field ~ ~ ~


July 2, Boomtown is open.  Visit or shop by appointment.  We will ensure health guidelines are followed during your visit.

News:  Jim Boneau, experienced in life and facilitation, member of the worldwide Drum network has just launched a new book on Amazon.  Those who signed up participated in a heartfelt exchange with Jim and other well-known facilitators to explore the insights and share our own experiences.  It was so amazing.  I don’t travel much and it was the first time I have encountered many of my ‘drum heroes’ in person on Zoom.  Such a thrill and a boost to my soul to know we are all out here, adding to the field of positive sound vibrations in the world, as people joined in from many countries and many ways we connect to healing, music, mind, body, and spirit.  Creating the courage and momentum to move in positive directions.

Here is Jim’s book:  THE RUMBLE ZONE, also recommended by Arthur Hull and many more.
Thank you so much for supporting the launch of The Rumble Zone: Leadership Strategies in the Rough & Tumble of Change.                     With your help, we accomplished some great things.  The ideas are provocative and it is a book for these times.
Stay posted on Facebook or Website, or Boomtown newsletter for upcoming events.  Annual August clearance sale.

Groovemaster presents new drums.  The TUBOLO – 10″, 12″, and 14″.  Versatile, playing in the bass zone, providing a good “bass note” for chants, and songs.  Tuning to “THE ONE NOTE” that is your starting platform for improvisation.

Check out Chloe Goodchild on the shift network.  The INSTINCTUAL VOICE, and come together with the voice of your soul, not the voice of your ego.  It is about spirit, not just about technique.  For me, Chloe brings a very missing element to myself and many others who believe “we can’t sing” have lost our voices and now are in the Singing field, rediscovering our instinctual voice.