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Teacher and School Workshops

Next Teacher Workshop – Sunday Nov. 23, 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Includes a teacher Handbook, look on * Classes and Workshops Fall 2019 for more details or contact joannec@sasktel.net

Facilitating Drum Circles in the Classroom – A methodology covering the basics of music and music dynamics, use of orchestration, to assist participants in developing a stronger sense of self and exploring their creative abilities.

 Many studies show that playing music helps develop cognitive skills of children and adolescents. It instills self-discipline, builds confidence, and socially connects youth with their peers. Content supports Saskatchewan education curriculum, based on  concepts in Will Schmid World Music Program, Orff, traditional approaches from African, Latin, Middle Eastern, and North American Music.

Typical Teacher Quotes:  “just want to thank YOU again for a wonderful day.  I couldn’t have asked for anything more. That resource that you put together for us is perfect and I feel much better about reading the way you did the notation.
Awesome! – Douglas Park School music teacher”

“The workshop was wonderful! : ) W. B.”

·       In-School Drum Workshops

From one hour presentations, to full assembly, classroom instruction, half day or full day workshops.  All equipment provided for Hand drum and percussion based workshop.  These rhythm and movement workshops provide your students with a basic understanding of rhythm in music, how it relates to values, language, and movement.  They learn to work together to create interesting rhythm ensemble and rhythm activities.  Educative, entertaining, and stress releasing activity for your school. $350 for a half day and $550 for a full day.  Many schools set up a “drum room” for the day and rotate all of their classes through this experience.  Workshop classes can perform at assembly.   All Equipment provided. 
Workshop outlline and Price quotes provided on request.

          These are offered twice a year in fall and after Christmas.  One day workshop provides a ‘Tool Kit’  of basic skills and lots of use-able materials for the classroom.  Assistance in structuring your drum program based on your available resources. . Registration is $100 plus tax. tWorkshops suitable for Elementary, High School, and Day Care Centres. They are also applicable to people leading drum programs in church or community. Teacher/Facilitator “Toolkit” Workbook and ongoing support included. Workshop outline, clinician credentials, and Price quotes provided on request to joannec@sasktel.net.