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STILL HERE: All shopping by appointment, flexible times and days.  We are generally here. Covid protocols in place. Same Day quotes and photos.  Customers can shop in-store, if they have been regularly together.  No more than 3 at a time right now.

1801 Retallack St, Regina, SK  |  306 537 7181  |   joannec@sasktel.net

Re-Launch of Boomtown Product Sales

Samba on the Prairie

Missed you at the Cathedral Village Arts Fest but we are still here.  Photos, Price quotes, etc. provided on request. New program options for the fall will be provided in August Newsletter.  Hope the future is a bit more clear by then.  Marlene, Vic, and I have missed all our drum friends and look forward to some new programming.  So, stay tuned, we will be here for you, somehow.

Call or text for an appointment so that Covid protocols can be followed and we all remain healthy to drum into the future. If you are interested in Covid information on sanitizing Hand Drum and Percussion equipment, just email me and I will send a copy.  Hope to get it loaded up shortly but on the run at the moment.  Homeschooling is not my best skill.  Hurray to all the teachers keeping on track with the kiddos.