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OPEN Thurs. & Frid. 12 pm to 4 pm.  Just in town for the day ~ get the sudden urge to buy ~ give us a call or text, we don't want to miss you.  For off hours shopping, we live upstairs. Text or call anytime and we will open.  I am around. 306-537-7181. Classes start Jan. 17/20 to May/20.

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Tall, short, wide, skinny, natural and synthetic materials, all the better to make yourself heard. Great for percussive and melodic additions to music and dance. Brings up the excitement level in any musical setting. Local teacher available if you want some help.

Didjeridoos – affordable, unique

Didjeridoos – affordable, unique

The most popular didjeridoos from Toca and Meinl, – sound great, lookin’ good