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STILL HERE: All shopping by appointment, flexible times and days.  We are generally here. Covid protocols in place. Same Day quotes and photos.  Customers can shop in-store, if they have been regularly together.  No more than 3 at a time right now.

1801 Retallack St, Regina, SK  |  306 537 7181  |   joannec@sasktel.net


What’s the latest happening at Boomtown Drums?

Earth Day – Today April 22, Restore OUR Earth

Photo on 2020-06-30 at 12.06 PM

Happy Earth Day. David Attenborough in the incredible BBC Earth and Life series, helps us understand the effect that changing weather has on animals, oceans/lakes/rivers, and people and how that changes how we survive. Animals that depend on certain seasons and temperatures for mating, gathering food, and survival, are challenged when it becomes unpredictable. Not […] Read More

Drum Repair at Boomtown

Oh NO, I hurt my head

Drum repairs Feb. kick=off.  Detailed info and pricing on request. Joanne 1-306-537-7181.  Three options.  One ~ commission us for repair. Second ~ take part in a repair class ~ costs you less and a new skill.  Third ~ sell your shell to Boomtown.  Pick the option that works for you.  WORDS OF WARNING ~ Never remove […] Read More