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STILL HERE: All shopping by appointment, flexible times and days.  We are generally here. Covid protocols in place. Same Day quotes and photos.  Customers can shop in-store, if they have been regularly together.  No more than 3 at a time right now.

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Earth Day – Today April 22, Restore OUR Earth

Thursday, April 22nd, 2021
Happy Earth Day. David Attenborough in the incredible BBC Earth and Life series, helps us understand the effect that changing weather has on animals, oceans/lakes/rivers, and people and how that changes how we survive. Animals that depend on certain seasons and temperatures for mating, gathering food, and survival, are challenged when it becomes unpredictable. Not enough ice to migrate when walking, not enough oxygen in the water, Temperatures of water not suited to current underwater populations, and food not available where needed as it has changed its timetable as well.
The Derecha that struck the American midwest destroyed homes and property and killed off 43% of Corn and Soybean crops affecting both the economy and the food supply. Are we really so important that we can’t come to grips with our effect on our world? A bit of recycling is helpful but not the big solutions. Carbon emissions do most of the damage. So, on Earth Day another chance to RESTORE OUR EARTH ~ It’s up to you and me.

Drum Repair at Boomtown

Thursday, February 4th, 2021

Drum repairs Feb. kick=off.  Detailed info and pricing on request. Joanne 1-306-537-7181.  Three options.  One ~ commission us for repair. Second ~ take part in a repair class ~ costs you less and a new skill.  Third ~ sell your shell to Boomtown.  Pick the option that works for you.  WORDS OF WARNING ~ Never remove the old skin, hoops, or rope before bringing your drum in or you may throw something away that could be re-used. Goatskin heads for wood drums and synthetic or goat skins for synthetic drums.


And now, a gift for you, taking it to the next level

Monday, December 14th, 2020

Travel light with small percussion and good sound effects, or take a lead role in the groove.

Air Djembes, Air Tubolos, and African Bogarabou to speed you on your way. Drums do play tunes.  So, don’t forget to shop local. You may be the only one who knows what you really want.

Music doesn’t have to be expensive at Boomtown

Monday, December 14th, 2020

Shop Local.  Handy, friendly, informative, and affordable.  What’s not to like.

All COVID cautions followed, extra masks, sanitary spray or gloves in store.